The quality of La Cialcon has many ingredients

Our commitment has been to always make eating an ice cream a special pleasure every time

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The Ingredients

We select our ingredients with great attention to their origin and their technical and sensorial characteristics.

We then carefully check the process at every stage, and the stored products are put through detailed inspections.

Innovative packaging and handling systems take our cones and wafers to their destinations in perfect condition.



La Cialcon is well aware of the value of people in achieving these results, so we constantly invest in training, occupational safety measures and environmental policies.

All of this comes from our specific commitment to provide our customers with products that retain all of their natural flavour.


"Passionately focused on getting to the best natural flavour"

Only with Olive Oil

Only with Olive Oil

Our care over product quality has taken us to create a line for the market that requires products of the highest quality, which is why we developed our line of cones called "Solo con Olio di Oliva" (only with olive oil).

Made exclusively with olive oil and the result of a careful selection of only the finest ingredients, it gives a unique combination of taste and aroma.
There is no palm oil, nor any animal-derived fats and ingredients.

So they perfectly match the demands of consumers who want a top-quality product under the banner of wellness.